How better data can help you prevent slips, trips and falls

 Slips, trips and falls are one of the biggest causes of workplace accidents.  Often they are seen as something that just happens, and blamed on human error.  However, slips, trips, falls expert, Rob Shaw, views them differently. As technical lead at the UK Regulator, HSE, Rob investigated many incidents including fatalities.  His findings are that these STF incidents […]

RiskIn recording : Embracing the future of OHS

The world around us is transforming at a rapid pace. In the midst of this transformation, at times, we might find ourselves facing these changes hands on. In such a situation it is only natural to want to act as a firefighter — forced to react to the flames of change. In this discussion, Alison […]

Proactively Demo

Timothey is trying out the Proactively Mobile reporting system.  Please join use as we look at the different features of the system.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls : be proactive

Proactively is hosting a free Webinar on the 8th of December considering the importance of good incident reporting and appropriate data analysis in proactively preventing slips, trips and falls. CDC claim STF are the cause of about 27% of non fatal, lost time incidents, costing an average of $20,000 per incident. This could really make […]

Risk!n Conference 2020

Alison Hinde, CEO from Proactively, will be speaking at the Risk!n conference next week. With the world of OHS being disrupted and change influencing all our actions, what can we do to address these challenges? Find out by signing up for “Enabling change: Leading Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) into the new world of work”, […]

Women in business

Red laces is running a campaign to collect thoughts from Here is the entry from Alison Hinde, CEO of Proactively

Break the silos for better risk management

Break the silos to better manage risks: Inspiration from Risk-!n Last week Basel hosted the Risk-!n conference.  For me, this was a fascinating peek into the world of Enterprise Risk Management, the parallels and differences to Operational Risk Management where I spend my time. It gave an opportunity to learn from the things they do so […]

Reducing bottlenecks

Tell people that you will solve their problems, give them an ability to tell you about them, and you may open the flood gates.  These ‘hazards’ or ‘non conformances’ can come from a wide range of sources:  audits, complaints, actions from meetings, just doing the job or being observant when walking around.  We can imagine a large number […]

Steps to a better safety culture

An ‘effective safety culture’ is the holy grail of safety and something that we are all trying to reach.  Just like the movies, the path is long, hard and filled with trials to test you and divert you.  One route map that shows the way is provided by the Bradley Curve (Dupont).  This leads companies through the stages […]

Do you know Peter?

I haven’t spoken to Peter for quite some time, but he is one of those people that it doesn’t seem to matter.  He is warm and friendly, and it the time disappears.   Peter is retired now, but previously had a long and successful career in health, safety and environment in a large multinational.  He came from an […]