Digitisation to solve EHS Challenges: webinar for IOSH West Africa

Thank you, IOSH West Africa, for inviting us to talk about ‘how digitisation can help EHS managers’.

There was a lot of interest in this topic, as you can see from the 2 recordings below. The first shows just the presentation (45 mins). The second includes questions…and is 1h22 mins long showing how many people wanted to find out more about this hot topic.

In the webinar, we look at tasks EHS Managers do every day: incident management, audits and inspections, training, management reports, meetings and communication, chasing corrective actions.

All of these are vital to improve EHS performance. We look at each in turn to see what the task involves and what main challenges are.

How could they be done better? Digitisation can help. We look at what digitisation is, and how it can help to improve control, efficiency and boost employee engagement.

Here is a recording of the presentation (45mins)

Here is a full video of the webinar with questions (1h22min)

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