Features to help you do more with your data

Making your workplace safer

Gathering data through our mobile app

The app works on Apple and Android devices

Form builder

Easy drag and drop form builder lets you customise your forms. Add an important message to the front page letting people know why their information is important. You can include clickable email and telephone numbers, so they are always available in an emergency.


Make sure people get the forms they need, but and not the ones they don’t by grouping people into teams and directing forms that way.

Branded forms

Use your company logo to personalise the app.

Multi lingual

Makes it easier for everyone to use in their own language. Devices will show the app in the language set in device preferences if you have configured the system for this.


Add photos to clearly describe a situation. Before and after pictures will look amazing printed out on your notice board to shout about a success story

Data collection

Time, date, location, reporter ID can all be collected automatically without the reporter having to do anything.

Required questions make sure users can't send the form without giving the most important information.


A finger drawn signature to re-inforce ownership of the information.

Anonymous reporting

Some issues are sensitive, but you still want to know. Often, the ability to report anonymously can encourage people to tell you

QR code onboarding

User can get the app quickly and seamlessly using QR codes. This works well for contractors and agency workers to use the system without needing a full login account.

Think about installing it during a site induction talk. Add the QR code to a poster to give easy access.

Managing data

Streamline your information processing

Action tracker

Review reports and make any comments. Assign an overall owner add maybe an action


Get your data to the right people quickly so they can take any necessary action. Use settings to filter your notifications so you don’t get bombarded.


Send feedback directly to the reporters phone to show that you are listening.


Your data is held securely on European servers, backed up, and encrypted in transfer.

You can spend less time worrying about digital security within your company, as only people with the correct permissions have access. Going paperless means no paper to shred, lock up or risk losing.

Root cause

Don't just address the immediate problem, analyse and assign a root cause to find a more effective, long term solution

Audit trail

Follow up on the report to see who said and did what, and what the final outcome was. The trail is easily verifiable in any future audit.


Get real time, actionable insight

Editable dashboard

While raw data is valuable, the results of good analysis are even more so. Track your KPIs on a dashboard and show trends over time so you can take action if they are going in the wrong direction.

Filter information

No more hunting through files to find the right report or assessment. With powerful filtering you can easily find the one you need.


If you need to do more, export data to excel. Excel exports even include photos.