Getting Started

Welcome to Proactively!

Follow though these steps to get up and running quickly



1. What is Proactively? 

and what can it do for me?

2. Set up your Proactively account

Use the invitation email to set up a secure password, and use it to log into the web portal

3. Get the Mobile app using your password

Install the Proactively Mobile App from Google Play or the App store and log into it with your password 

4. Get the Mobile App using a QR code 

Use the QR code to quickly install the Proactively App and link it to the company.  Proactively does not record your name, and you are anonymous. 

Everyone takes different roles depending on how they will use the system.  Click on the one (or more) that you will do to find out how they work. 

Reporter : Using the Mobile App

1. Send information with the mobile App

Understand the different types of questions and how to get help.  

2. What happens to the information I send?

Learn more about how your company will use the information, who can see it, and how to change it if you have made a mistake.  

3.Get feedback

Know that someone is listening when you receive feedback directly to the mobile App 

4. Save unfinished reports 

If you are doing a long report, such as an audit, you can save a draft and finish it later

Manger: Find and read reports

1. Read a report 

to find out what is happening

2. Report Overview  

Assign an Owner who is responsible for deciding what needs to be done.

3. Send feedback

So people know you are listening and value their contribution

4. Track progress in the History tab

So you know who did what and when 

5. Filtering reports 

to find the right one

Manager: Assign and track Actions

  1. Assign and track actions to be sure they are done
  2. Overview tab to close a report 
  3. Set notifications to get the information you need quickly

Manger: Track progress with the dashboard

  1. View the your performance in the dashboard and track trends
  2.  Customise the dashboard to see what is important for you

Advanced : Admin

1. Teams – What information people can see 

2. User permissions – What they can do with that information  

3. QR codes

Advanced : App Design

  1. Change questions in the Mobile App
  2. Add your logo 

Get up and running quickly

How you use Proactively will depend on your roles within the company:

  • A Reporter – can send information into the system using a mobile device
  • A Viewer – can read information and assign and track actions
  • Admin – can assign people to different teams, which allows them to see relevant information
  • Design – can change the questions on the mobile forms 
To get started quickly, look at what is needed for your role. 
  1. What is Proactively  (how can it help me)
  2. Sign in (Setting up password and getting the mobile app)
  3. Mobile App (Use the app to send information)
  4. Reports (Find out what is happening)
  5. Actions (Assign and track actions to be sure they are done)
  6. Dashboard (view your performance and track trends)
  7. Admin (Link more people to the systems and make sure they see the information they need)
  8. App design (Customise forms to collect the data you need) 

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