Get started with Proactively

Select your role(s) and get up-to-speed quickly


Uses the mobile App for inspections, hazard spotting and more, then sends this info into the system

Info Manager

Reads reports, assigns actions and analyses information in the dashboard


Makes sure people have access to the info they need. 

App Designer

Changes questions in the App forms 

Your role decides what you can see and do within the system.  You may have more than one role, depending on your job.  

The email inviting you to join the system contains a link to help you get started with the activities for your role.

Only Admin can change people’s roles.  So, if you need to do things that are in a different role, talk to Admin. 

Watch a demo to see Proactively working

Incident management is one example of how Proactively can help you.  The  workflow is the same when carrying out inspections, reporting defects etc.