How better data can help you prevent slips, trips and falls

 Slips, trips and falls are one of the biggest causes of workplace accidents.  Often they are seen as something that just happens, and blamed on human error.  However, slips, trips, falls expert, Rob Shaw, views them differently.

As technical lead at the UK Regulator, HSE, Rob investigated many incidents including fatalities.  His findings are that these STF incidents are nearly always preventable.  But how? What actions will be the most effective?  To answer this, it is vital to understand the correct root causes.  This can be difficult as people often make assumptions, leading to the wrong conclusions, and missing the opportunity to make more effective interventions. Much better is to collect good data, to understand the science and use this as a basis for your interpretation. 

Rob discovered Proactively, a mobile reporting system a couple of years ago. It enables people to report incidents, near misses and hazards quickly and easily with their mobile phone, pulling real time information into a dashboard.  This analysis helps give insight into the principal causes, encouraging data driven decision making. 

During this webinar, Rob starts by giving an overview of how slips, trips and falls are often under reported.  In one example, he videoed people entering and leaving the National Gallery in London.   This building has over 4 million visitors a year, and records 15 serious injuries from tripping on the low entrance step.  But is this the full picture?  Rob’s team videoed the entrance.  Over a short period when there were no reported incidents they found 466 incidents, including 9 people obviously hurt.  Using this data, they were able to make simple, effective interventions that reduced incidents by 1/3.  With good evidence, they were able to prove that the interventions worked, and quantify the benefits. 

In the webinar, Rob looks at 5 challenges that companies face in collecting and analysing data:

1.     Getting people involved

2.     Data driven decision making 

3.     Know what is happening

4.     Lack of resources, time and money

5.     Concerns about technology

Please watch the recording to find out more about Rob’s experiences, and how the Proactively mobile reporting system can help in each of these areas. 

In questions at the end, Rob highlights that his favourite feature from the Proactively software is the feedback loop. This shows people that they are being listened to, their opinions are valued, and they can help to build a better, safer and more productive workplace, caring form themselves and their colleagues.  

Better data can help you make better decisions.  It is possible to make a difference.

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