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Investigation for NPA

Why investigate incidents?

We are trying to learn what caused the incident to stop it happening again 

What is NPA asking inspectors to do?

  • Actively look for H&S issues when you are carrying out inspections
  • Talk to OMC about incident reporting, and encourage them to use the system
  • Carry out investigations when asked, following the procedure below
  • Read the lessons learnt, and use these to improve the sector

6 Steps to Incident Investigation

1. Set up

Click the link in the invitation email, and set up your password.  Log into

  • mobile app to send reports
  • web portal to read and manage info

2. Plan

The Incident Manager reads reports from the OMC.  They decide which incidents need to be investigated and who will do this. 

3. Collect info

Find out what happened? Interview people, review documents, and observe the conditions.

4. Analyse

Why did this happen? Analyse to find the immediate, underlying and root cause. 

5. Action

What needs to be done to stop this type of incident happening again? Discuss with OMC who will carry out the actions.   

6. Review

OMC adds photos to show when the action is complete.  Confirm this is now safe, and close the report. 

Flow Chart

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Example investigation

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Common incidents, and what causes them

Road Traffic Incidents