What are Notifications

Notifications are emails that alert you when the system receives certain reports. This helps you respond quickly. The email includes a link directly to the right report in the Web Management System.

Who receives notifications

Team leaders can receive notifications for all the reports sent by people from their team.
If someone is a member of more than one team, when they send a report, notifications will be sent to all their team leaders. It is important that team leaders customise their personal notifications. Only people with ‘Viewing and Action’ permission are able to read reports.
(Team roles and permissions are set in the Admin > Users tab.)

Customising notifications

Receiving notifications for a new report

Not all reports are of equal priority. You can control which reports you would like to receive immediate notifications for. If you do not add any rules, you will receive all notifications.

To customise your notifications:

  1. Click your name in the top right, then choose settings.
  2. In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Notifications.
  3. Select what you would like to receive notifications about:
  • new reports from your team
  • you are the owner
  • you have an action to do
  1. Click on ‘Advanced rules’ to narrow down what you are interested in, then ‘Add rule’.
  • The first drop down list shows field names for the different questions in that form. Select one.
  • The second drop down list shows the possible answers. Select one.
  1. Use logic to set exactly what you would like to receive.

Detailed rules

AND rule : click ‘+’ and add another search criteria.
Notifications will be sent when a someone injures both their hands AND their legs.
And logic

OR rule : click on the ‘add rule’ button again and add another search criteria.
Notifications will be sent when someone injures either their hands OR their legs.
Or logic

Changing if you want to receive notifications for Report ownership or Assigned actions

To switch on / off the email notification which is sent to you when you are assigned an action:

  1. Click on your initials in the top right corner to open a menu. Select Settings
  2. Select Notifications from the menu in the left side column
  3. Read through the different possible notifications. At the bottom is Action Assigned.
    • Select the box (tick) to receive notifications
    • Leave the box blank (no tick) to stop notifications
  4. Notice the green ‘Change saved’ box that appears in the top right of the screen for a few seconds when the change has been made successfully.

Unsubscribe from Notifications

At the bottom of each email notification is an unsubscribe link.

Updated on October 7, 2021

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