Add an Action

1 In the Reports tab, select a report from the list and click to open

2. Select Actions from the left menu bar

3. Click Add Action button on top right

4. Fill in details:

  • The top text box includes the text that will be sent in the notification email
  • The second text box allows you to add more details
  • Assigned to – choose someone from the drop down. This person will receive a notification email.
  • Due date – select from the calendar.

5. Click Save

6. You will notice that there is now one action associated with this report. The text “purchase spill response granules” is a clickable link that will open the action for editing.

Note: You can not make a new action from the Actions tab.
Actions are always linked to a report. To make a new action, open the report in the reports tab and select Actions in the left menu.

Who can you assign an action to?

Actions can only be assigned to someone who is registered in the Proactively system with an email and password. These people will appear in the drop down list.

Note: Only assign the action to someone who has ‘Viewing and Actions’ permission so they can read the information when they click on the email link.

People without Viewing and Actions permission will still receive the actions email, but not be able to open and read details about the action.

Updated on October 9, 2021

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