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App front page

When you open up the mobile App, the first thing you will see is the front page which looks like the images below for Apple and Android phones. Notice:

  1. Settings button: in the top right corner. Clicking this will let you
  • log out
  • refresh forms – to see any changes made in the App Designer

2. Logo: This should be from the company you want to send information to.

3. Message: This tells you something useful about how to use the mobile App. It may have links that are clickable and can take you to a telephone number, an email or a web page. This can be useful for important numbers that may be forgotten in a stressful situation, or may change.

4. Forms: Scrolling down the page will show you the forms that are available for use. People may have different forms depending on which Teams they are members of.

  • Click on the form button to open it.
  • Click Cancel at the end of the form to return to the front page without sending a form

Apple phone where the reporter has logged in with an email and password

Android phone where a QR code was used to get the App

Buttons at the bottom of the screen

You will notice that the 2 images above,

  • The one on the left has buttons on the bottom. This is because this person is logged in with an email and password
  • The image on the right does not have these buttons. This is because the person used a QR code. Saving draft reports and receiving messages are not possible.

So, logged in users are able to do more. They can:

  • Make a report: shows the different forms available for use
  • Drafts: Allows you to save a long report and finish it later
  • Messages: Allows your manager to send feedback directly to your phone. Here there are 17 messages that need to be read!

Did you get your app from a QR code, or is it logged in with an email and password?

Make a report

Select one of the reports from the list and click to open it.

Are you safe?

Mobile devices can be very distracting. We certainly do not want to cause an accident! Please make sure you are able to use the App safely. You should be:

  • in a safe place – watch out for traffic, flammable chemicals etc. that could put you at risk
  • standing still – how many of us have walked into something or tripped when we are distracted?
  • not doing a hazardous activity – do not use a mobile phone whilst driving or operating machinery.

Do not use the mobile App if you answer yes to any of the above. Just press Cancel and send the report later

If all is OK, press I’m Safe to continue.

Fill in the report

You will see a list of questions. Read through. When you click in the answer box, a keyboard will open.

At the bottom of the form are buttons letting you:

  • Cancel – this takes you back to the front page reports list without sending the report
  • Save – only if you are logged in with an email and password. You can save a long report and finish it off later
  • Send – your information is sent into the Proactively system. The data is secure. Only people who have the right permissions will be able to log into the web portal and read it.

Special question types

You will notice that some of the questions have

required questions – the form will not send if this is left blank.

Updated on October 6, 2021

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