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Customise the dashboard

You can edit your dashboard to focus on what is important for you. For example you might want to show results for your team, rather than the whole company.

How to edit a panel

  1. Make the edit button appear in the panel either by
    • Click Edit in the top right corner of the screen to make an edit button appear in each panel or
    •  hover the mouse at the top of the panel.
  2. Choose the panel you wish to change and click its Edit button. This opens the edit box which is different for each type of chart

Choose how you want data to appear

The edit panel will let you choose the name (or title), size, and type of graph

  • Name: this is the title which appears at the top of the panel.
  • Panel width: 1/6 page works well for single values, for graphs use up to full width.
  • Panel type: select how the data should be displayed, for example
    • either as a graph such as pie chart or bar chart,
    • or a list of reports
    • or as a number which counts the number of responses to a question

Add data

Now select the data that the panel will show:

  1. Filtering using the 3 drop down menus.
    • Forms: lets you choose the form eg. incident report form
    • Questions: shows you the questions in the selected form so you can make a chart of the answer.  Note: Each question stores data in a unique field, and it is the field name which is listed here
    • Properties: Here you can filter by date, team, etc.

Note: you can use more than one filter to refine your search further.

2. Depending on the panel type, you will be asked for more informaiont

  • Bar charts and pie charts can be created from questions where you are given different options.  This includes a drop down question (choose 1) or a checklist question (choose many).  In the  Chart value box select the field-name from either a dropdown or checkbox question.  This will appear on the X axis.

3. Save

Confidential Information

You can not use information that has come from an encrypted question in a dashboard, even if you have the permission to View Confidential information.

Updated on August 27, 2021

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