Examples of incidents

For the following examples, decide if you need to report them or not. If you are unsure, please get in touch.

1. Accident

Q: A member of the public slips in a spillage in a petrol station and breaks their leg
A:yes: the member of the public is a customer. The accident was caused by the condition of the workplace, and hence is work related.

2. Occupational disease

Q: An employee has a positive Covid19 test
A: no: Covid19 is not work related for OMC and NPA
Q: Someone develops dermatitis. Their work involves frequent exposure to diesel
A: yes, diesel is a known skin sensitiser or irritant
Q: Someone’s asthma becomes much worse after working with diesel
A: Diesel is a known respiratory sensitiser

3. Road incidents

Q: A driver was seriously injured in a collision with another vehicle on a public road
A: Yes, collisions involving injuries to employees and/or members of the public are reportable
Q: An employee hits a member of the public and damages their vehicle. no one is injured
Y: Yes, damage to property is reportable.
Q: A vehicle is damaged due to the poor condition of the road
A: yes, damage to a vehicle is reportable.

4. Theft

Q: A customer was hit by another customer and taken to hospital.
A: No. This is no work related, it is a personal matter.
Q: A member of staff was shouted at by a customer and was shaken but not physically hurt
A: No, you only report deaths and physical injuries.

5. Gas and petroleum incidents

Q: There is a spill of 5 litres of diesel
A: yes, 5 litres and above are reportable
Q: I found a dangerous gas fitting but it was repaired in time
A: No, there was no damage.
Updated on August 30, 2022

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