FAQ for Actions

I can’t see the action that I have been assigned
Only people with the permission ‘View and Actions’ will be able to read reports and actions.
Your Proactively Admin person can give you the correct permission.
I can’t see the person to whom I want to assign an action in the dropdown list
Only people who are registered in the Proactively system with an email and password will appear in the dropdown list.
Your Proactively Admin person will be able to add people to the system.
I can’t complete the action
When you click on the Close button, you will have various options.
– Resolved: the action has been completed
– Can’t fix: you are unable to carry out the action
– Won’t fix: You are able to carry out the action, but it will impact badly on something else and so you do not think this is a good solution.

Select the appropriate response.
The status of the action will change to closed, and your response including any explanation that you have written will appear in the History tab.
Updated on September 29, 2021

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