What are fields?

The answer to a question is stored in a field. Each field has a field-name that describes the information it stores. For example, every time a reporter answers the question ‘Where is the injury?’, the answers are stored in field-name ‘body part’.

Using fields

To find a field-name, select a report from the Reports tab, and the field-name is written in brackets next to the corresponding question.
A field-name is set when defining the characteristics of a question in App Design. A field-name can only be used once in a specific form.

In the web management system you use fields to:

  • find all the reports with a specific answer when filtering forms in Reports
  • analyse answers in the Dashboard

Fields allow you to do the following:

  • filter and analyse data
  • make changes to a question without disrupting the data
  • combine the analyse of a question in different languages
  • combine the analysis of a question across different forms

Changing a field name

If you change a field-name, any new data will be stored under the new name in a different place. The answers to the question will be split across 2 field-names and hence change the analysis. Note the date you changed the field-name, when interpreting your data. The following field-name changes do not impact on data analysis:

  • capitalisation
  • before data has been collected for that form (ie when first designing the form)
Updated on September 1, 2021

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