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Who can receive feedback?

People who are logged into the mobile app using an email address and password are able to receive feedback directly to the Mobile App. It appears in the messages tab at the bottom of the front page.

How many messages does this person have? It is a lot!

If you got the mobile app using a QR code, you are in ‘anonymous’ mode and can not get feedback. Of course, you can ask QR code users to provide and name and contact details, and send feedback outside the Proactively system.

Read a message

Click on the messages button to read the message.

Who can send a message?

Usually messages are sent by your team leader. When he reads your report, he is prompted to send feedback.

However, anyone with permission to read your report can send you a message.

Can I reply to messages?

The message system in Proactively is designed for a Manager to give feedback to a Reporter. Any more complex discussions should happen outside Proactively, with the results recorded in the Notes section in the Web Portal.

Updated on November 11, 2021

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