Read a report

Note: You can only see reports that have been sent by someone in a team that you are also in.
You will not see reports from teams where you are not a member.


Click on the Reports tab to see: 

  1. A list of reports.  Select one and click to open.  All reports are held together.  To view specific reports you will need to filter.  
  2. Who has sent this report.  If the person is logged into the system with a password, you will see their name.  If they have used a QR code to link to the system they are anonymous, and you will see ‘QR code user’ 
  3. The form that was used to send this report 
  4. The status of the report.  By default, only New and Open reports are shown in this list.  If you want to see a closed report, you have to use the filter. 


Report status

As the report is processed, it’s status will change 

  • New – No-one has opened the report to read it
  • Open – the report has been read.  It may have an action associated with it that has not yet been complete
  • Closed – When all actions are complete, and are working effectively, the report is closed.  

Read a report 

Select a report and click to open it.  

Read report – Assign owner – Assign actions – Close actions – Check actions effective and close report

View and manage a report. From here you can view the original report, manage it through to resolution and if needed create and assign one or more actions to this report.

You can message the original reporter and also add notes that will help track progress and aid communication in the team.

Each tab in the navigation has a documentation section here.



Read the report, and for new reports send a message back to the reporter’s mobile device.
Report shows:

  • information from the reporter, including photos and signature
  • a unique reference number, allocated by Proactively
  • information collected automatically, such as time and date
  • the Field Name, which is used for analysis, is shown in brackets for each question

Note that Anonymous QR code reporters can’t receive messages.


Add comments here, as you learn more about a situation.


Add an action: Click Add Action and describe the requirements, assign it to someone registered in the Proactively system and set a due date. You can add several actions to one report.

The assigned person receives an email link so they can read a description of what is needed, carry out the action, record any details and then close it.

Manage an action: The Actions menu button shows the number of actions raised.

  1. Click Actions in the menu to see the Actions List with summary information including action status.
  2. Choose an Action and click to open the Action Screen to manage the action.
  3. Click Back to actions in the top left

Navigate to the action screen by either:

  • clicking on the email notification link or
  • opening Reports in the Web Management System, clicking on the correct report and then selecting the action from the Action List.

The Action screen shows:

  • Overview: a description of what is required, who the action is assigned to, due date and status.
    • Once completed, click Close, give a reason for closing and record any further details.
    • If the fix is not effective, click Reopen and take further action.
    • If someone has been wrongly assigned, select an appropriate person from the Assign To dropdown box. The newly assigned person receives an email link to this action.
  • Notes: add implementation details such as changes, limitations etc.
  • History: the implementation timeline, showing dates and responsible person.


Messages can be sent directly to the reporter’s mobile device. They can only be sent to reporters registered on the system with a password. Reporters who have used a QR code are anonymous and can’t get messages.


This shows a timeline as the report is received, processed and closed. All stages show the time, date and person who made them. This provides an accurate audit trail.


Updated on September 1, 2021

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