Read reports

Get a report

  • email notification – comes to your email inbox with a clickable link that will take you directly to the report
  • Open the reports tab in the web portal.  This will give you a list of all the reports that you have permission to see

Note: You will not be able to see reports sent to teams where you are not a member.

Manage the report

Use the following tabs to ‘manage’ your report.

  • Reports – To view the report
  • Overview – Assign an owner who will be responsible for acting on the report. Close the report when actions have been completed and are effective.
  • Actions – Assign actions and timescales, then put on hold or close these when completed.
  • Message – Send feedback directly to the mobile app. Look in the app on your mobile device to read the message
  • Notes – Add comments
  • History – Follow the trail of what has happened to this report. Note that entries are time, date and person stamped for a verifiable audit trail.

The information flow

A report is sent from the Mobile App

The report arrives in the Web Management System. In the reports tab, find the report and click to read. You may receive email notifications for important information, with a link to take you directly to the report.

Who is responsible for this report (the owner)?
If you, go ahead and set and assign actions (to a fixer) in the actions tab.
If not you, assign the owner in the overview tab, and they can set actions and fixer.

The person who is assigned the action (fixer) receives an email notification that lets him click to read the action, do it, and then close it.

The owner checks if the fixes are effective
If yes, they close the report in the Overview tab.
If no, they reopen the action in the action tab and have discussions with the fixer

The report is closed.

Note: Closed reports disappear from the list in the Reports tab. To view them, use the filter (more > report status = closed) Notifications can be sent for: new report, ownership assigned, action assigned. Learn how to customise these below.

Filter reports

The number of reports in a live system increases very quickly. You can move through pages of reports using the page numbers below the reports list. The Filter and Search functions in the Reports tab will let you find information quickly and efficiently.

To search efficiently remember that:

  • If you select a form first, only the field names for that report will show in the ‘more’ menu. If you do not select a form, all the field names in the system will appear.
  • Refine your search further by pressing ‘more’ again.
  • To search for answers to a particular question in the form, you need to know the ‘field name’ as this is what shows in the search list. Click on the report to read it, and you will see the field name in brackets. Eg (Action taken)


If you are a ‘team leader’ you will receive email notifications. Team Leader is set in the Admin > Users tab.
You can customise your notifications so you only receive the emails that are really important to you. For all the other reports, just look regularly in the system.

To customise notifications, go to the settings tab by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the Web Management System screen.







Updated on August 29, 2021

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