Report overview


Overview gives the current status of the report, together with key information.


This section gives an overview of the current status of the report. Any changes you make will be recorded in the History tab.

  • Description: Gives a summary of the report contents. Description automatically shows information that the reporter gave to the question where Short Question = Summary. The Report List shows this description for easier searching.
  • Root cause: is the core issue that leads to a problem. Resolving the root cause rather than the symptoms is a more effective solution. Asking ‘why did this happen?’ repeatedly can help find the root cause (5 Whys Analysis).
  • Owner: the person responsible for the problem, who oversees the handling of it, including assigning actions. Proactively automatically sends an email notification with a link to this report to the assigned owner.
  • Due date: when overdue this is shown in red in the form list.
  • Priority
  • Status: A report can be:
    • put on hold if progress is stopped temporarily
    • closed, either if no action is needed, all actions have been completed effectively, or the report was not valid, for example it was malicious.

By default, only open reports are shown Forms List. To view closed reports, use the Reports screen filter: More > Form status = Closed > Filter.


Closing a report

When all the actions are complete, you can close the report.

Why can’t I see my report in the Report’s list?

By default only open reports are shown in the reports list.  If your report is closed, then it will not appear.

If you want to see closed reports, then use the filter

  1. Open the reports tab to see the list of reports
  2. In the filter bar open Properties and select Report Status
  3. Select ‘Closed’ from the list of options
  4. Click ‘Search’ and now the Reports list will only show closed reports.
  5. If you want to use this search frequently, click Save Search.  Name your search and again press “Save Search”.  You will see Closed Reports appear in the left hand search area


Updated on September 1, 2021

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