Reports Quiz

  1. Read a report
  2. Log into the web portal and open the Reports tab.  Choose a report and click to open it. What can you see?
I am reading the report
I can’s see the reports tab
Within Proactively people get permissions that allow them to do different things.  Only people with the permission ‘View and Actions’ have a Reports tab. 
If you need to read reports, please contact your admin to be given this permission. 
If you can’t see the reports tab, then your role within Proactively is to send information into the system.  Your managers will be interested to read what you report
I can’t see any reports
Is Proactively new in your company?  Then no-one from your team has sent a report into the system yet.  You can only see reports from people in your team(s).
Go to the Proactively mobile app and look at the list of reports.  Could you send one of these now?  Fill one in and press ‘Send’.  Make sure it is a valid report as the system is live. 
Go back to the Web Portal and open the Reports tab.  You should see your report there in the system. Congratulations!  You are the first person to use the system 

What can you see on this report ?

When was the report sent?
The date and time are at the top of the report
Who sent the report ?
If the reporter is logged into the system with a password, you will see their name at the top of the report
If the reporter got into the system using a QR code, then they are in ‘anonymous mode’.  This is often used by contractors.  Look down the form, there may be a question that asks their name?
What does the report say? Can you spot any of the following?
Photo (click to make it bigger)
Encrypted questions (a list of stars)
Each question has a field name, which is used for filtering and searching. Look at one question and say what the field name is?
The field name is in brackets after the question

Now open the Overview tab

what is the cause of the problem and do you agree?
The “cause’ box may be empty, or someone has already entered a cause.

If it is empty, because you have just read the report, you can enter the cause now. Ask yourself, why did this happen? And why did that happen? And why did that happen? Go backwards until you find the original cause. This technique is known as 5 whys.
Who is responsible for deciding the actions needed for this report (The owner)
Normally the responsible person will get a notification by email about a report. 
You get notifications if:
–       You are a team leader
–       You have set up notifications to say which reports are the ones you are responsible for
We will look at notifications later….

One of the questions in Overview asks ‘what is the cause?’  Why is it important to know the cause?

We know who to blame
A blame culture is not good for an organisation. You should be looking for open communication when people come forwards and tell you about issues so you can learn and improve.  They will not do that if they think you will blame them

If we solve the cause of a problem, we will stop similar things happening again
Yes, when you focus on the cause rather than the outcome, this is the most effective way of preventing this or similar events happening again
If we leave the box empty we get into trouble
You want to improve the workplace. This is only possible if you make good decisions based on real information. Please help by filling in the cause.
Updated on September 28, 2021

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