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Select one of the reports from the list and click to open it.

Are you safe?

Mobile devices can be very distracting. We certainly do not want to cause an accident! Please make sure you are able to use the App safely. You should be:

  • in a safe place – watch out for traffic, flammable chemicals etc. that could put you at risk
  • standing still – how many of us have walked into something or tripped when we are distracted?
  • not doing a hazardous activity – do not use a mobile phone whilst driving or operating machinery.

Do not use the mobile App if you answer yes to any of the above. Just press Cancel and send the report later

If all is OK, press I’m Safe to continue.

Answer the questions

Look at the Harness Inspection and Hazard report forms. Try to match each of the different question types with the list below.

  • Free text questions – here you can write anything in the answer box.
  • Drop down – a list of possible answers is available, and you choose one.
    • If you change your mind, just select a different option.
    • If none of the options are appropriate, you can leave this question blank.
    • If you select an option but then want to remove it:
      • in Android click ‘select one’ or
      • in iOS click the arrow to select an option and the cross to remove it.
  • Check box – a list of possible answers is available, and you can choose none, one or more. To remove a selection, just click on the box again.
  • Yes or no – No is the default setting. For Android cross the box for yes, and leave empty for no. Note the whole area is clickable, so take care that if you scroll through the form you may click here and answer yes in error. iOS is yes with slider to green, and no with slider to white.
  • Yes, no or not applicable. choose the appropriate radar button. No is the default setting.
  • Photos – clicking on the camera icon lets you use the camera on your device to take up to 3 photos. Depending on the settings, you may also be able to use pictures from your photo library. The app will ask for permission to access your camera and photo library.
  • Signatures – use your finger to sign in the box. If you turn the screen to horizontal, the box will be bigger and it will be easier.
  • Time – click to see a clock. The current time shows by default, and you can leave this or choose a new time
  • Date – click to see a calendar. This shows the current date, but you can change this.
  • Required questions – the form will not send if this is left blank. If you try, the astrix (stars) turn red to highlight the missing answer.
  • Hidden questions – sometimes, if you answer ‘yes’ (cross the box for Android or slide to green for Apple) further questions will appear. The hidden question is out of line with the other questions.
  • Confidential questions – These protect sensitive information, for example people’s names. Your answer will only be able to be read by someone with the correct permission (see Admin) This gives them the encryption key. Other people will see a row of stars. However, when you are entering the data, you can not tell if a question is encrypted or not.

Did you manage to find one example of each in the image?

Need more help?

Some of the questions have an Info link in blue. Click on this to get instructions, read an example or guidance on how to answer the question.

Send your report

At the bottom of the form are buttons letting you:

  • Cancel – this takes you back to the front page reports list without sending the report
  • Save – only if you are logged in with an email and password. You can save a long report and finish it off later
  • Send – your information is sent into the Proactively system. The data is secure. Only people who have the right permissions will be able to log into the web portal and read it.

Who can read the report?

Your data is encrypted and sent securely into the cloud.

  • Notifications will be sent to your team leaders. Then can click on an email link which will take them directly to your report. They can now assign and track any actions needed.
  • People with the correct permissions are also able to read your report
  • Sensitive information, for example people’s names, can be collected through encrypted questions. This can only be seen by people with the encryption key.

Can I change information in the report once it has been sent?

Once the report has been sent, you are not able to read or edit it in the mobile App.

Your report is now listed in the Reports tab in the Web portal. Click to open it and make any changes. All changes are tracked in the history tab.

Who can change my answers?

People with the right permissions can read your report and make any changes.

For example, it is important to have consistency across the company. If you are asked if the risk is high, medium or low, then you may choose High, but the Safety Manager has seen many of these reports, and he thinks it is Medium. When the Safety Manger changes the answer to Medium, this new response will be counted in the dashboard. It is possible to track back through the history tab and see who and when all changes were made. The history tab is a true record of everything done and can not be edited.

Updated on January 2, 2022

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