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Send feedback messages

Changing behaviours

Risk management systems will only work if people are motivated to work together to achieve the company goals. Theory says that to encourage people to change how they behave needs:

  • Ability – you have to make it easy to behave in the new way. Proactively makes activities such as carrying out inspections, identifying defects and hazards much easier than it was with paper
  • Knowledge – You have to understand what is needed.
  • Motivation – you have to want to do it. This will only happen if you can see that there are positive results, and you get recognition for making the effort.

Giving feedback means that someone is listening and recognising that good work is being done. It gives the opportunity for managers to reward their staff.

The aim of sending messages

The aim of messages within Proactively is to send feedback. This means they go directly between the person reading the report (manager) and the person who sent the report (Reporter). This is a one way. If you need further discussion, it is recommended to do this outside Proactively and add details in the Notes menu.

How to send a message

Feedback messages can be sent from 2 places:

  • The first time a report is read, there is a messages box above the report to encourage managers to easily send a response
  • There is a message tab in the left menu that can be used to send messages at any time.

Who receives messages?

A message is always associated with a report. The message is sent directly to the mobile app for the person who sent the report. To read the feedback, click on the messages button.

When the person that sent the report used a QR code to get the Proactively App, they are in Anonymous mode. They can not receive messages. The messages tab will not appear in the web portal

Who can send messages?

Anyone with View and Actions permission is able to a report and send a message.

All messages are tracked in the history tab.

Updated on October 7, 2021

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