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Tips for designing forms

Forms that are quick and easy to understand are most likely to be adopted well. Involving the people who will use the form as Champions encourages them to take ownership, answering questions and encouraging their peers to use the forms.

a) Think about your objectives and targets – what do you need to measure and how will this show on the dashboard? b) Is there already a ‘standard form’ available in the system that you can use as it is, or modify, or will you have to add

a new form?
c) What questions need to be asked? Which question types will best collect information and give easy analysis. For

example: Dropdown and Checkboxes can easily draw graphs, whereas Text Input is more flexible.
d) Design a draft form. Involving people who will use the form at this stage will help get better adoption.
e) Test the forms. In the App Design > Forms menu click on the test form and ‘set as Draft’ from the right drop down

menu. Then, in the Admin > User menu, find the champion and click ‘can view draft forms’
f) Evaluate the form. Check that the search works well and you can get the data you need in the dashboard.
g) Ask the champions to suggest and make changes. Consider further testing.
h) Publish the form when you are happy. App Design > Forms > find your form and set the right-hand status dropdown to ‘published’.

Updated on October 12, 2021

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