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Using the Proactively Incident Reporting System

About Proactively

Proactively is a digital system that aims to:

  • Collect data quickly
  • Keep data secure
  • Access data easily, to keep track of what is happening
  • Analyse information to learn and improve

There are 2 parts to the system

  1. A mobile app used to report information into the system. You can use the mobile app wherever you are, even if there is no network coverage. Data will be stored on your device and sent as soon as you are back in coverage
  2. A web portal which is used to manage the information. Here, you can view incident reports for your company, read corrective actions, close corrective actions, analyse incident data in the dashboard. You are also able to send incident reports into the system through the web portal. Note: log into the web portal through the web browser (eg. Chrome, Edge) using your email and password. You can do this on your phone, tablet or desk top computer.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, by searching on Proactively. 

The Responsible Person at an OMC and NPA personnel can log into the Proactively mobile app using their email and password. People without a password will not be able to use the Mobile App.

The mobile app lets you send incident reports to NPA administration, where they are read and sent to the appropriate inspector.  Info buttons within the app help you fill in the form correctly.  You can:

  • Attach photos, either directly from the phone camera, or from your photo library
  • Sign the bottom of the form with your finger in the box

NPA send messages directly to the mobile app to acknowledge receipt of the incident report, and when an Corrective Action has been cleared.

The Web Portal

Log into the web portal though your internet browser (safari, chrome etc) on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.  You can either

  • Go to the NPA web site and click on the link
  • Go to the Proactively web site (www.proactively.io) and click the login button 
  • Type the web address for the NPA system into the browser (www.npa.proactively.io)

Use the same email address and password as for the mobile app.

In the web portal, for your company only you can:

  • Send incident reports to NPA, using the standard form
  • Read all your incident reports that have been submitted to NPA
  • Edit incident reports if you learn more information, note changes will appear in the history tab.  It is an offense to edit data such that it does not give an accurate representation of the incident
  • Add notes to the incident report or action tab, to clarify a situation
  • Read any Corrective Actions in the actions tab.
  • Close Corrective Actions when you have completed them
  • See a dashboard to track your incidents

Forgotten Password

You can reset your password from the web portal login page.  To get to the login page either

go to www.npa.gov.gh  and click login or go directly to www.npa.proactively.io

Click the ‘forgotten password button.

The Responsible Person

Each OMC will be asked to nominate people to be their ‘responsible person’ and give their name and email address to NPA.  The responsible person will then receive an email invitation to the Proactively system, with instructions on how to :

  • Set up a password
  • Get the mobile app for sending incident reports
  • Log into the web portal through your internet browser, to manage the incident information

Changing the Responsible Person

OMCs are responsible to tell NPA when a Responsible Person is no longer in this role. OMC nominates a replacement. NPA will make changes to the system   This keeps your data is secure.  

To add or remove someone as a Responsible Person, please use the form on the NPA web site with details of name, email address, company name.

Updated on December 27, 2021

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