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Where can I view actions?

  1. An email that has been send to the person assigned the action with a clickable link taking them directly into the correct part of the system

2. The actions tab

3. The reports tab. Open the report and you will see a list of associated actions in the left hand list.

Action status

As people work on an action, it’s status changes:

  • Open : the action is not yet completed, and is still before it’s due date
  • Overdue : The action is not yet completed, and the due date has passed
  • Closed : The action has been completed

Filtering Actions

Filter the action list using the 2 drop down menus in the search bar, to find those important to you eg your actions or those overdue. Select one or more boxes from each list, then press ‘search’ to make it happen:

  • Forms : shows actions associated with different forms eg. accident forms
  • Properties :

About an action : Who it is assigned to, the status (open, closed, overdue), the date it was created, and the date it is due

About the report from which this action was generated : who raised the report.

For example, to list all the hazard reports with open actions assigned to Mary Smith:

  1. Open the Actions tab and go to the search bar
  2. From the Forms drop down select Hazard
  3. from the Properties drop down select ‘Assigned to’. This opens a list of people and you select ‘Mary Smith’
  4. From the Properties dropdown select Action status. This opens a new drop down allowing you to choose ‘Open’
  5. Click Search

Saving your favourite searches

You can save searches that you will look up frequently. They appear in the My Searches bar on the left of the Actions screen. Click on an item in here to quickly open that search.

For example: Actions that are assigned to you and with a due date of this week.

  1. Open the Actions tab and go to the search bar
  2. In the Properties drop down choose ‘Action assigned to’ and select your name
  3. In the Properties drop down choose ‘Due date’ and select ‘This week’
  4. Click Search
  5. Click ‘Save Search’ and type a name in the textbox that appears (My actions due this week), then click ‘Save Search’
  6. Notice the new search appears in the left column under My Searches

Delete saved Action searches

  1. Click the edit button in the left panel by ‘My Searches’.
  2. Click the delete button next to the relevant search name.
  3. Click done.
Updated on September 28, 2021

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