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What happens to the information I send?

Who can see the information?

Can I view reports on my mobile app?

What happens when I send a report?

    • The information appears in the reports tab of the Proactively Web Portal. Only people with a ‘viewing permission’ can see it
    • Your report is read. Actions can be set and tracked in the system. You may get a feedback message directly to your mobile app to show progress.
    • The data is analysed to show performance and trends, and help your organization learn and improve.
    • The report disappears from the mobile app on your phone once sent.

Can I change information?

Once sent from the mobile device, the information can only be viewed in the Web Portal by someone who has Viewing permission. They are able to edit it.  Any changes are recorded in the  history tab.

What if there is no network?

The information will be stored on your mobile device, and sent automatically when you are back in network coverage

What if I forget my password?

A new password can be set up in the login page for the Web Management System

Is the information secure?

  • Your information is encrypted and stored in the Cloud, with regular back up. The servers are in Europe.
  • The data can only be seen by people with the correct permission
  • Reports do not stay on the reporter’s phone, to reduce unauthorised viewing.

Why can my colleague see different forms to me?

People are put in teams according to their activities or location. You will only see the forms for the team that you are a in.

If you need a different form, please ask someone with admin permission to add that form to your team.

Why did the form disappear?

Some forms are only useful for a short time. For example, if there is a campaign, the form will only be available for the duration of the campaign

Updated on August 31, 2021

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