What is Proactively?

Digitisation helps companies work smarter

There is a better way to collect and share information. Proactively is a digital solution that helps people work smarter.

The mobile app gathers information directly from the workplace. It includes photos, signatures, time date and locations stamps and many features to make reporting quick, easy and accurate. The app even works when there is no network coverage.

The web portal is where information is managed. Reports are read, feedback given, actions assigned and tracked, and the dashboard analysis helps see trends. Data is secure, and can only be seen by people with the correct permissions

What can it do for me?

1. Less paperwork

Filling in forms can take a long time if you have to find the form, know what to write, take it to the right place.  Proactively the forms come on your mobile phone, so they are always with you.  There is guidance to help you fill them in, such a examples and explanations.  The mobile app works where-ever you are, even if you do not have a network signal.

2. Understand what is needed

Sometimes it is difficult to know what a question on a form is looking for.  With Proactively, you can build help in, such as examples and explanations, so you spend less time worrying about whether you have written the right thing

3. Know that someone is listening

If you put the effort in to send a report, it is good to know that someone is listening  With Proactively you can get feedback directly to your mobile App.

4. Get things done and make a difference

Have you wanted to change something, but don’t know how to get it done?  It may be a suggestion for how things could be improved, or you have seen something dangerous that should be made safe…  It is often said “what gets measured gets done”.  With Proactively you the forms that you send into the system are monitored, so something will happen

What can it do for my company?

1. Save time

Work more efficiently.  Quick reporting so minimal time spent away from the workplace.  Notifications to get actions done quickly

2. Real time information

It is difficult to manage a company well when you do not have the right information.  With paper and spreadsheets sometimes data is late, or inaccurate.  Proactively with automated work flows and a dashboard that updates in real time, it is easier to make data driven decisions that everyone will be able to follow.

3. Boost engagement

Health, safety, environment and quality have one thing in common – they need people to understand what needs to be done and work towards achieving common goals.  With Proactively following the processes is simple and makes sense.  This makes it more likely for people to see the benefits and get involved.

Updated on October 10, 2021

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