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What is the QR code?

The QR code is unique to your company. This means, if someone uses this QR code to link to a company, any information they send will appear in your system.

It lets people access the system without the need to set up a password.

Add your company logo to the App front page so people know they are sending info to the correct company

How do I find my company QR code

  1. In the Web portal, click on your initials in the top right to open the settings tab
  2. Select QR code from the left menu to see your companies QR code
  3. Right click on the QR code to save it.
Where is the QR code?

How can my company use a QR code?

Consider making a poster which uses the QR code. Put this in reception, so people can get the App when they sign in or at induction.

What can someone with a QR code do?

They can:

  • Report anonymously. This is useful for finding out about sensitive issues that people may not want to tell you if they may not get contracts renewed.
  • See forms assigned to the QR code user team. For example, someone who is connected to the system using a QR code will see the Hazard Report and Job well done forms in their mobile app, but not the Defect report.

What can’t a QR code user do?

They can not:

  • View any data in the system. This keeps your data secure and they can not see data from other contractors. As they can’t read reports, they can not receive notifications or view and complete actions
  • As they are anonymous, they are not able to receive messages
  • To keep your data secure, they can not save partial reports as draft and view them later. Once a report has been sent, it is not stored in the mobile app and can not be accessed again through the mobile app.

Updated on October 10, 2021

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