Leading and Lagging indicators: 3 members from the IOSH Swiss Network share their experiences

Companies set 2 types of EHS performance indicator.   A good EHS system will have a combination of both:


Lagging indicators measure the frequency of events that have already occurred, such as the number of injuries.  They can tell you about a failure of an area of your system or the presence of hazards.  We discussed these in our last webinar.  



Leading indicators measure proactive and preventive measures that can help show the effectiveness of H&S activities and reveal the opportunities where improvements can be made. An example is the time taken to close out corrective actions. This is the focus of our discussions today..

In these discussions, safety leaders from 3 companies within the IOSH Swiss Network share their approach to leading and lagging indicators.

·      John Pares, Head of the EHS Field Organisation at Givaudan

·      Richard Spitzer, EHS Leader EMEA, Electrical Sector and Crouse Hinds at Eaton

·      Alberto Cusimano, EHS/ FS EMEA at DuPont

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