The Proactively Lean Digital Improvement App supports you in successfully implementing projects in:

  • 6s –  the steps to maintain a functional and efficient workplace
  •  Six sigma – tools to improve quality by removing the causes of defects and variation
  •  Lean –  techniques to maximise value and eliminate waste
  •  Continual Improvement (CIP) – an ongoing effort to examine how you work, looking for ways so improve and to achieve your goals
What does Proactively offer?
Digital guide

Lean brings huge benefits. With the Proactively approach, you keep control, making this a cost effective solution.

The Proactively system uses a mobile app to guide you through the steps to set up your lean systems.  Improve your own workplace efficiently, without paperwork.  

Expert support

We are there when you need us. We guide you through the process helping you make the right decisions.  You keep ownership of the process and learn at every step.

Sustained improvement

We help you build systems that are pragmatic and easy to follow. This is a team based approach involving everyone. The app continues to monitor your systems efficiently, helping you continually improve. 

Why 6s?

6S uses the steps: sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustain and safety to better organise your workplace.  When your workplace is clean, uncluttered, safe and well organised this will help reduce waste and improve productivity.

6s is 5s with an added S for Safety. It provides a path towards zero incidents. Proactively 6s reduces health, safety and environmental risk.

6s is a good starting point in the lean journey. Once you have organised your workplace and benefited from some ‘quick wins’ you will also have a better understanding of which of the lean tools will be best suited to improve your company further

What 6s can do for you

Many workplaces are cluttered and confusing. People waste time looking for tools and ‘make do’ with broken equipment

Poor housekeeping can give rise to slip and trip hazards.  These are  responsible for causing about 40% of workplace accidents.

People let standards drop. They think “Why should I clean up after someone else?


Everything has an assigned place. Tools used frequently are close at hand and well maintained.

Visual Management makes it easy to spot problems early, such as a tool out of calibration.

The area is clean, well organised and safe.  People  keep standards high and are proud of their work area.

6s Benefits


Work more efficiently  in an organised workspace saving time and money

Reduce Delays

Missing tools and materials  are immediately obvious due to visual management

Employee morale

Engage and empower your employees. They are involved in improving their own workspace for their own benefit, making their work easier.

Improve quality

Standardised ways  of working result in fewer defects and less handling damage.

6 steps for success
1. Sort

Remove objects from the workspace that are not in use. Make sure those things  you need are working well and fit for purpose.

2. Safety

Identify hazards.  Where possible, design them out of the process.  Make sure EHS equipment is ready for use. 

3. Set in order

Arrange any items used on a daily basis so they may be easily accessed and quickly stored.  Make it visual, so any deviations are obvious. 

4. Shine

Everything is clean and works well 

5. Standardise

Make sure everyone knows what to do and is involved.  Dashboards show at a glance what is needed.

6. Sustain

Create a culture where these steps are part of the job, and followed on a daily basis. 

Work smarter
Improve productivity, reduce defects, stay safe