Why is incident reporting important?

Learning about incidents can help us improve standards in the downstream sector.  We are focusing on: health and safety, tanker incidents and theft. It allows us to:

  • Determine causes
  • Share lessons
  • Identify actions needed to prevent recurrence
  • Check licence conditions are met

What are NPA asking OMCs to do?

  • Know when incidents happen by having a good system for incident reporting in your company
  • Choose 3 people to be responsible for telling NPA about incidents using the Proactively system
  • Work together with NPA inspectors to investigate incidents and find the causes
  • Take corrective actions to prevent incidents happening again

How will OMCs benefit?

The aim is to:

  • Share lessons learnt across the sector
  • Improve standards in your organisation, helping you keep your workforce safe and healthy, working efficiently, and saving money

When do NPA investigate?

We will read all the incident reports, but will not investigate everything.  We aim to investigate common incidents and serious incidents.

Usually we will arrange investigations in advance.  However, there is the potential to combine this with a surprise inspection. 

How do NPA investigate?

  1. Gather the facts
  2. Identify causes
  3. Set corrective actions, to prevent recurrence
  4. Monitor to make sure actions happen

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