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  • Save time using a mobile app to quickly send info directly from the workplace
  • Complete actions efficiently
  • Analyse your performance in the dashboard
  • Collect the information you need by changing questions in the easy form builder
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As the workplace becomes more mobile, collecting information with paper, spreadsheets and emails is no longer effective

Digitisitation is the answer

Be organised

Get accurate, real time information including photos and signatures. Data is secure and easy to find when you need it.

Save time and money

Work efficiently and safely with automated workflows, track actions to make sure they are done; focus on things that matter using the dashboard

Easy to use

Quick and easy to get started, no installation needed. Intuitive mobile app with no training needed.

Works anywhere

The mobile App is always available, even when there is no network coverage. Perfect for mobile workers.

Better control without extra paperwork

  • A mobile app with forms covering health, safety, quality and environment.  
  • Flexibility to change the questions yourself and collect the data your business needs
  • Quickly and easily send reports from anywhere to the people who need them.  Include photos, signatures etc.
  • Feedback shows you are listening and gives the reporter a sense of purpose
  • Assign and track actions to trust they are done
  • Real time analysis in the dashboard to track performance and help make better decisions 
In addition, we offer expert on site support to improve your project’s success   

A few examples of how Proactively can help you

  • Defect reporting –  find out early and resolve problems before they get to your customer
  • Inspections – make sure everything is in order, including safety walks and Covid controls
  • Incidents – report accidents and near misses, help find the cause and put effective measures in place to keep people safe
  • Pre-work risk assessments – make sure everything is ready to start work safely
  • 5s inspections – improve workplace organisation to work more efficiently

and more …..

Simon Williamson

Risk Manager

“Proactively ensures we have documented evidence of everything we have done and saves me lots of time following up. The Proactively app is now available for everyone, and the feedback is that it is quick and easy to use and much better than our old paper forms.”

Steve Howe

Plant manager

“The culture in Switzerland is one of personal responsibility.  We had a problem with individual’s assessment of risk.  We needed a simple system that encourages people to get involved and thinking more about EHS when it is not their main activity”

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