Digitise your processes to work safely and efficiently

Proactively, your digital tool for reporting SHEQ issues directly from the workplace and taking effective action






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Using paper forms, spreadsheets and email to keep track of workplace issues is not efficient.

  • Data is often late and poor quality
  • Admin takes too long, giving you less time for important things
  • No-one likes paperwork. People become demotivated

Digitise your forms in an easy to use mobile app

Real benefits are within your reach

Better workforce engagement leads to:

  • 70% fewer employee safety incidents
  • 17% higher productivity
  • 21% higher profitability

State of Global Workplace Gallup Report

Comparing businesses scoring in the top to those in the bottom quartiles for engagement

How does Proactively work?

  • Build
    Customise for how you work
  • Report
    Quickly and easily, wherever you are
  • Action
    Get things done
  • Analyse
    Real time information

It's like a fitness tracker keeping your workforce safe, healthy and productive.

Fitness trackers let you monitor your daily activity and diet so you know how to adjust and reach your goals. Proactively makes it easy for SHEQ Managers to do the same thing with their teams, wherever they are working.


Steve Howe
Plant Manager, Member Of The Executive Board
Schweizer Zucker

“The culture in Switzerland is one of personal responsibility. We had a problem with individual's assessment of risk. We needed a simple system that encourages people to get involved in and thinking more about EHS when it is not their main activity.”

Edward Debrah
Gas Safety Engineer

“I love that we can send reports wherever we are. Network signal can be poor in Ghana, but the data saves and then sends automatically."

Simon Williamson
Risk Manager

“Proactively ensures we have documented evidence of everything we have done and saves me lots of time following up. The Proactively app is now available for everyone, and the feedback is that it is quick and easy to use and much better than our old paper forms.”

Rob Shaw
Falls Prevention Expert, RSA

“With Proactively we can capture high quality data simply and effectively, helping us find root causes, and making interventions more effective. It does what it says. It is not just about reporting, but getting actions done."