Oil and gas

Process industry

Develop a data driven approach

Make informed decisions, choosing strategies with the greatest impact.

Chemical plant

Minimise downtime

Quick response to problems, for example working offshore and needing to communicate with those onshore.

If there is a problem, everything stops. You need an answer quickly. Realtime notifications mean your manager can get straight to it, making decisions, and sending a reply with the in app feedback.


Select the approach with the biggest impact

Benchmark with organisations from your sector.

Calculate Lost Time Incident Rates, or Reportable Rates to benchmark your incident rate across the industry

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Reduce the likelihood of recurrence of incidents

Find out about incidents early to be able to take appropriate actions and reduce the consequences.

Carry out investigations to identify the cause. Early investigations find the best data, to understand the context of the incident. This helps you to develop effective:

  • Guidance
  • Training
  • Systems and processes

Safety culture

Prepare your workforce to go where you need to go.

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High hazard areas

Using electronic equipment hazardous zones needs classified equipment. You can either:

  • Have a reporting area / booth without a flammable atmosphere
  • Use intrinsically safe equipment
  • Use paper, and enter forms manually using the web portal

Work off line

The mobile app will work even when there is no network coverage. It syncronises automatically when you have signal again.

Examples of forms used by the process industry

High risk work

Carry out checks before starting work. Checklists include

- Confined space

- Hot work

- Work at height

- Diving

These can be easily customised for your site.

Incident reports

Properly collecting and using incident data is a big opportunity. Find out about incidents early, take action to reduce the severity of the consequences

This could be a:

- Safety incident

- Health incident

- Dangerous occurrence eg explosion

- Property damage eg. fire

- Environmental damage eg spillage

Incident investigation

Finding out about incidents early makes investigations easier. Things will be fresh in peoples mind. Learn more, find out about the cause, look for a root cause. This will help you put more effective controls in place

Share your findings between different groups, so they can learn too.