Chemical plant

Construction is a challenging environment

  • Dynamic workplace
  • High hazards
  • Mobile workforce
  • Macho culture

Digitisation can help

Construction Site

Win more tenders

Demonstrate good controls for health, safety and environmental risks, and have incident statistics available. Proactively helps you tick the box and win more work.

Improve communication

Communicate seamlessly with all contractors involved in a project. With everyone using the same system, data is consistent and easy to analyse.

The multilingual forms are easier for your workforce to use. French, German and English are standard, but others including Polish and Balkan languages can be added.

Anonymous reporting of sensitive issues gives people the confidence to let you know.

App screenshot

Quick and easy to get and use

Contractors may only be on your site for a few days, but its is still important to include them in your system. Use the QR code, perhaps on a poster during induction, to connect them quickly. The mobile app is intuitive, with no training needed.

Once sent, information comes securely into your system where it can only be read by people with the correct permissions. Data is not stored on the phone, so it can’t be viewed in the mobile app later when the contractor has left your site.

Less paperwork, better results

Everyone hates filling in paperwork: it takes time, gets lost, and is often difficult to read. A mobile app, which works anywhere and is always available, is so much quicker and easier to use that it is likely to happen without chasing.

Supervisors get accurate, real time information, so they know what is happening, helping them manage the site well.

Access a range of editable construction forms, including:


Find out quickly, and take prompt action to improve the situation. This also gives the opportunity to carry out investigations more easily.

- Safety and environmental

- Incidents

- Near misses

- Property damage

- First aid


Empower everyone to say what is happening directly from the workplace: have they

- Found something dangerous?

- Seen a job well done?

- Have a suggestion for improvement?

Measure how many times people resolve issues themselves. This is a great measurement of engagement for you ISO systems.

Site inspections

Use the standard checklists or easily customise them for your site using the drag and drop App builder

When inspections are quick and easy using a mobile app, they are more likely to be done without chasing, saving lots of time.

Prioritise findings and take any action early to reduce down time.

Equipment Inspections

Quickly check essential equipment to make sure it is safe to use, such as:

- Harness

- Ladders

- Scaffolding

Pre work checks

Get the guys who are going to do the work to run through a simple checklist before staring work. This checks they have the right approvals, protective equipment, equipment and know what needs to be done and how to work safely


What are the outstanding issues? Quickly make a list, with photos and priorities, for the relevant contractor. Make sure they are closed out before the official handover.

Or build your own forms from scratch