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Incident reporting

There are many reasons why people don't report incidents and near misses: they are embarrassed, it wasn't serious, it takes too long, they are feeling macho. However, you need all this information, even for contractors, members of the public and remote workers.

Proactively makes reporting easy, so you are more likely to find out letting you:

  • Take the right action, including first aid and other emergency response. Prompt action is more effective at reducing harm
  • Learn what causes incidents, so you can stop them happening again

Information sent directly from the scene including photos will be more accurate. Collect real time data and analyse it quickly for reporting to the regulator and your management team with confidence.


Incident workflow

  • Quick reporting of incidents and near misses using the mobile App including photos and signatures. The app works anywhere, even for remote workers.
  • Notifications so the right people find out quickly for first aid and other mitigating actions
  • Option to investigate incidents to find the cause
  • Assigning and tracking actions so you trust they are done, helping reduce 'preventible' incidents
  • Real time information in your dashboard helping you monitor performance and speeding up corporate reporting
Incident workflow

Inspections and Audits

The biggest issue with inspections is persuading people to do them. Proactively provides a quick and easy way to do inspections in one step directly from the workplace. No more printing paper forms and typing them in later. These checks become part of the job, rather than being seen as something extra to do.

This gives you good visibility

  • Is everything working well?
  • Are there problems and help needed?

Proactively lets you write your own questions to suit your activities and workplace. Then publish to the mobile App and you are ready to start inspecting:

  • Pre work checks
  • Workplace inspections to spot hazards
  • Fire checks
  • Contractor inspections, to make sure the correct procedures are followed
  • Audits to make sure the system is working effectively and look for areas of improvement
Work efficiently

Do inspections well, but quickly

Accurate, secure data

Collect accurate data using photos, time stamps etc. Store it securely and find it again easily

Write your own questions

The drag and drop App builder lets you easily change questions yourself to suit your needs, and then publish to the mobile app

Trust actions are done

Manage actions so nothing gets lost. Know what has been done. Make others responsible rather than wasting time chasing.



Health and safety is everyone's responsibility. How do you promote a culture where people:

  • Understand how to work safely, recognise any problems and know what to do
  • Are motivated to actively think "could this be done better?"
  • Are empowered to make changes
  • Think positively. Notice good things, praise them and learn from them.

This 'safety culture' is encouraged through Observations. Enable people to report good practices, hazards, and make suggestions. Using the mobile app this is done quickly, and then back to work.

An important question is “What have you already done?“, which recognises when people to resolve issues themselves.

With the feedback loop manager send messages directly to the reporter, so they know you are listening, and are motivated to report when they see something else and encourage colleagues to do the same.

Most importantly, people will be able to see the difference that they have made and feel proud.

Cleaning in progress

Control of contractors

Invite your contractors into the Proactively system

Data is kept secure using Teams and Permissions

  • Use the QR code at site induction for quick onboarding. The app is intuitive so no training is needed
  • One contractor will not be able to see the data of a different supplier
  • You will have an overview of all the information
Device QRCode

Case study

Proactively client, Schweizer Zucker, has 2 manufacturing sites in Frauenfeld and Aarburg

Plant Manager, Steve Howe, spoke about why he chose the Proactively system and how it is helping Schweizer Zucker promote Health and Safety.