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Safety Profit Conference 2022, Ghana

The Ghana Safety Profit Conference 2022 is the first event of its kind, bringing together EHS professionals from both Government and Industry. This free of charge event encouraged networking, learning and discussion. It was so successful that we aim to host it annually. Working together, we can improve workplace safety.

IIRSM Risk Excellence Awards 2022

The IIRSM Risk Excellence awards 2022 were hosted by co-presidents Ruth Denyer and Callum Irvine. The final award, the Presidents commendation, is hotly contested. IIRSM members are nominated for their achievements over the past year. It must be hugely difficult to choose just one winner!

Torch Bearers Award 2021

Congratulations, Edward! Edward is a true leader. Whilst he already has an impressive list of qualifications and experience, he continues to push forwards, recently obtaining the Nebosh Diploma and starting a Masters in Business Law and Sustainability at Aberdeen University. He shares this knowledge generously though groups such as

RIP Internet Explorer

There is a good selection of browsers to choose from. We all have our favourites alongside those we try to avoid at all costs. At Proactively we test widely, so it is interesting to know which our customers use. Market share in 2021 looks like - Source - Stat counter, Global Stats

Risk!n Conference 2020

Alison Hinde, CEO from Proactively, will be speaking at the Risk!n conference next week. With the world of OHS being disrupted and change influencing all our actions, what can we do to address these challenges? Find out by signing up for

Break the silos for better risk management

Break the silos to better manage risks - Inspiration from Risk-!n Last week Basel hosted the Risk-!n conference. For me, this was a fascinating peek into the world of Enterprise Risk Management, the parallels and differences to Operational Risk Management where I spend my time. It gave an opportunity to learn from

Reducing bottlenecks

Tell people that you will solve their problems, give them an ability to tell you about them, and you may open the flood gates. These ‘hazards’ or ‘non conformances’ can come from a wide range of sources

Steps to a better safety culture

An ‘effective safety culture’ is the holy grail of safety and something that we are all trying to reach. Just like the movies, the path is long, hard and filled with trials to test you and divert you. One route map that shows the way is provided by the Bradley Curve (Dupont). This leads companies

Do you know Peter?

I haven’t spoken to Peter for quite some time, but he is one of those people that it doesn’t seem to matter. He is warm and friendly, and it the time disappears. Peter is retired now, but previously had a long and successful career in health, safety and environment in a large multinational. He came from an era before the ISO standards revolution

Emotional resilience: how to combat stress

Stress affects everyone. Even if not you personally, then someone close to you. 74% of adults in the UK said they felt so stressed at some point in 2018 that they became unable to cope. 15.4 million working days were lost that year as a result of it. Over half

Creating a positive image for H&S

Why Proactively loves the red squirrel - I have been searching for a way to make H&S ‘engaging’. What I am really looking for is the way to present the subject in a positive, interesting and memorable way that draws people in, wanting to find out more.

Simplifying Safety

Making the safe way the simple way What is the best way to improve environmental health and safety in your organization? According to James Pomeroy—Group Director of Health, Safety, Environment and Safety at Lloyd’s Register—the solution may lie in simplification. (STF).