How can Proactively help you improve Quality?

Find defects early and resolve them effectively

Build-in Quality with better understanding and engagement

Work efficiently and lower the cost of quality

Continual improvement to delight your customers

Defect Control

Find defects early

You need confidence that defects are being managed effectively

  • That they are found at the earliest opportunity
  • They are handled correctly
  • Understand what caused them
  • Actions taken so they are unlikely to happen again
  • Not getting through to your customers

Where are your defects:

  • The raw materials at receipt inspection?
  • Errors in production?
  • Problems within your process or documentation found during an audit?
  • Or elsewhere?
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Defect workflow

These different defects are managed in the same way. This process followed by ISO standards, where it is called CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action )

Proactively can help you follow this process easily and efficiently. It includes:

  • Quick reporting directly from the workplace using the mobile App including photos and signatures
  • Notifications so the right people find out quickly
  • Feedback to the operator, so they know they have made a difference and are valued
  • Assigning and tracking actions, so you trust they are done
  • Real time information in your dashboard letting you track performance, monitor trends and help make better, data driven decisions.
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Supply Chain

Invite your suppliers, contractors and customers into the Proactively system for seamless communication.

Data is kept secure using Teams and Permissions.

  • One supplier will not be able to see the data of a different supplier
  • You will have an overview of all the information

Inspections and Audits

You need checks in place to make sure everything is going smoothly. Often this comes as:

  • Checklists to be completed before starting or during an operation
  • Inspections to identify defects and other problems
  • Audits to make sure the system is working effectively and look for areas of improvement

These need to be completed accurately to provide the transparency and control needed. People are always busy and want to spend minimal time, so they need to be efficient.

Work efficiently

People are busy. They want to spend minimal time carrying out inspections, so it needs to be easy and quick to complete.

The mobile app is always available, where-ever you are. Carry out a quick inspection and get back to work.

The people who read the inspections also want efficiency:

  • Review information quickly with colour coding to highlight negative answers.
  • Customise notifications to know about the most important findings immediately.
  • Real time data arrives in the dashboard.
Accurate, secure data

Data needs to be accurate to give the control and transparency needed.

  • Photos describe a situation
  • Automatic time and date stamp
  • Build in guidance so it is clear what info is needed
  • Consistent reporting including contractors
  • Encrypted questions keep names confidential

What do you need to know? This will be different for each task.

The drag and drop App builder lets you easily change questions yourself to suit your needs, and then publish to the mobile app.

The system comes with standard forms that you can use as they are, or customise. You can even make a completely new App form.

Trust actions are done

There are so many things to remember. Many companies keep lists on spreadsheets and then email out requests. These can get forgotten and time is wasted following up.

Bringing your actions together into one system will make it more transparent. Nothing gets lost. You have a good overview of what has been done and what needs to be chased.


Think of all the time you spend on different audits including;

  • Internal audits, especially if you have ISO certification
  • Supplier audits

Audits ask more detailed questions to get an understanding of how effective the system is, looking for areas for improvement.

  • Before starting check previous audits and see what needs to be followed up.
  • Save draft audits and continue later
  • Raise non conformances with a due date and priority. The department are responsible for deciding how best to close these out and making sure it gets done.
  • At the end of the audit, discuss your findings and ask the department head to sign to show his agreement.
  • Export as PDF and leave with the department
  • The history tab clearly shows the audit status: when an audit has been done, any non conformances raised, when actions are completed and the report is closed.
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Objectives and targets

Continual improvement is the main focus of the quality system. Objectives are set at different levels

  • Company vision : Where do you want to take the company? What does it look like? This is decided at board level and written in your Quality policy
  • Objectives : Goals for this year that help achieve the vision
  • Tasks : Actionable tasks for how each objective will be achieved.

All the above should have measurable targets so you can track progress and know when they are achieved. These are reviewed regularly to find out if you are on track or there is a bottleneck that needs to be removed.

This is where Proactively’s dashboard is so useful. It collects real time data and displays them using a range of different graphics.

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Easy to Visualise

Easy to understand, giving valuable insight and actionable information.

Quick to share

For example in corporate reports and lessons learnt.

Self serve

Do you need to see your team or the whole company? Easily customise your own dashboard.

Real time data

Dashboards update automatically as data enters the system