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Break the silos to better manage risks

Inspiration from Risk-In


Last week Basel hosted the Risk-!n conference. For me, this was a fascinating peek into the world of Enterprise Risk Management, the parallels and differences to Operational Risk Management where I spend my time. It gave an opportunity to learn from the... Read more

Preventing slips, trips and falls: an Inspector’s viewpoint


Looking at your incident statistics, it is likely you will find that slips, trips and falls (STF) is your top incident group. If so, you are not alone. STF cause nearly 1/3rd of non fatal accidents across the board, and as a result UK employers... Read more

8 barriers that stop people reporting hazards


We would like to think that everyone is actively thinking about where they are and what they are doing, looking out for any potential hazards. If they spot something that could cause a problem, be it health, safety, environment, security or a quality issue; then... Read more

What does safety culture actually look like?


Dupont Bradley Curve.

An ‘effective safety culture’ is the holy grail of safety that we are all trying to reach. Just like in the movies, the path is long, hard and filled with trials to test you and divert you. One route map that shows... Read more

The key to reducing bottlenecks and completing actions faster


Tell people that you will solve their problems, give them an ability to tell you about them, and you may open the flood gates. These ‘hazards’ or ‘non conformances’ can come from a wide range of sources: audits, complaints, actions from meetings, just doing the... Read more

Reconnecting with Peter

I haven’t spoken to Peter for quite some time, but he is one of those people that it doesn’t seem to matter. He is warm and friendly, and it the time disappears.

Peter is retired now, but previously had a long and successful career in health, safety and environment in... Read more

'elf and safety put in its place

The health and safety executive has set up a ‘Myth Busters Challenge Panel’ where people, shocked at decisions made in the name of health and safety, can challenge them. An opinion from the regulator is going to carry some weight! You can read some of the latest cases at:


... Read more