Work safely, sustainably and efficiently
A lean approach to Improve EHS and productivity ​
Know what is happening

Real time reporting keeps you in touch with the site.  Find out about from inspections, observations, incidents in real time.  Filter the notifications so you will only receive the most important.  This lets you take effective action quickly. 

Encourage people to get involved

With a system that is easy to use, and works anywhere.  It is so much easier to use a mobile app that you are carrying with your, when you see something to report.  

Speed up corrective actions

Be seen as someone that gets things done.  The action tracker means that when an action has been proposed, you can track its status.  Know what has been completed, and what still needs chasing.   This is a more positive approach than sitting in meetings discussing a long action list

Be audit

Do you get inspections from customers, head office, or ISO auditors?  Now you can have the information they want to see to hand.  Show that you are in control, and they can trust you are working well. 

Forms designed for you

Check that your systems are working effectively

Work smarter

Find out what is really going on. Get on the shop floor and learn what really happens - where are opportunities to improve. Includes systems such as Gemba Walks.

Incidents and near misses

Find out early and take appropriate actions. Investigations learn more when done soon after the event.

Or easily make your own from scratch
Proactively is easy to use so that you get results quickly