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Made to be easy

App builder

Flexibility to work the way you want

Start with the standard forms, then easily customise them for how you work.  

Proactively can be used in so many ways.  Build new forms for health, safety, quality, security, productivity…. improving communication and breaking down barriers.

  • Simple drag and drop system to add and edit questions
  • Many question types, including signatures and photos
  • Always the latest version
  • Multilingual forms
  • Add your own branding 

Mobile reporting app

Quick and easy reporting wherever you are

What do you need to report?  An incident? An inspection? A  hazard spotted?  Send your report and get quickly back to work.  Make EHS part of what happens, rather than bolted on after.

  • Android and Apple
  • Works offline 
  • Photos describe a situation clearly
  • Encrypted questions keep sensitive data secure 
  • Info leads you through the process

Feedback loop

Show you are listening

Show people that you are listening, and appreciate their efforts.

Send feedback directly into the mobile device 

Action tracker

Get things done

Get good visibility.  Find out about issues quickly and take prompt, effective action.

  • Fix problems before they cause an incident
  • Prompt action can stop a situation getting worse
  • Early investigation finds the real cause more easily
  • Customise notifications, so your team leader receives the most important
  • Know what actions have been done and what needs chasing – without sitting in long meetings
  • Verify that an action is effective before closing out the report 
  • All events are time and date stamped, so you can keep track of events and are always audit ready


Learn and improve

View real time data to spot trends and know where your priorities lie.  Make data driven, transparent decisions to target your resources effectively.  

Collect and share accurate data for tenders, corporate reports, ISO systems, and learning between sites.

  • Visualise and share data using a wide range of graphs
  • Add new dashboards
  • Self-serve analytics, easily customisable for individuals different needs.  
  • Add KPIs and watch as graphs change colour when your targets are achieved. 

Will it work for us?

Yes, Proactively has been designed for non technical people to be able to use it.  The form builder works on a drag and drop system, so no coding is needed.  

All system have been tested on my Granny!

The mobile app is intuitive, and people should be able to use it without training.  (It is worth taking time to show people the system and what you will do with the data).  It works in the standard way that Apple and Android devices follow. 

The mobile app works off line.  Fill in your report, and it will save on your device, and then send automatically when you have signal again. 

The Web Portal, for managing data, uses the internet and will not work without a network signal. 

An ISO standard gives a clear set of requirements to be met. Proactively can support your new and existing systems, automating and making them more efficient. 

The auditor will check that you are ‘doing what you say you do’, and Proactively collects evidence for this. 

In particular, it supports the main auditable clauses: 

5. Demonstrating leadership and worker participation, including making observations 

6. Planning, including setting and working towards objectives and targets

7. Support, including monitoring training and competence

8. Operation, including control of contractors, pre work checks, 

9. Performance evaluation, including monitoring and measuring of leading and lagging indicators.  This will involve incident recording and investigation, audits and inspections. 

10 Improvement, including corrective actions 

‘Out of the box’ systems where you are provided with a procedure and then try to work in that way are easy to buy, and difficult to work with.  Your colleagues will not thank you for making them change the way they work for something that was probably designed for a different type of organisation.  Proactively does not include standard operating procedures.  It is much more helpful to involve your workforce in coming up with a set of procedures that they are able to work to and also reflects the standard requirements.  

Proactively aims to provide a simple system that increases workforce participation.  The Gallup report ‘state of Global Workforce‘ states that when compared with business units in the bottom quartile of engagement, those in the top quartile realise improvements of: 

  • 70% fewer employee and safety incidents
  • 21% higher profitability 
  • 17% higher productivity 
The Business Continuity Institute Horizon Scan report shows health and safety incidents were the costliest disruptions at 1.186 $ billion.  This compares to, for example, cyber attack at 144 $ million 


Hence there is considerable scope for improvements in EHS performance saving your organisation money. 

Proactively is very flexible.  You can use it for collecting and analysing many types of information for example: quality, security, facilities and maintenance, environment, productivity.   

Data can only be viewed in the web management system by people with ‘view’ permission.

Once sent, reports are not stored in the mobile app.  They cannot be viewed later by a reporter sharing potentially sensitive information. 

Encryption can be used for personally identifiable and other confidential   information.  

Your data is stored in cloud servers, based in Europe, and continuously backed up. 

For more details, please read our privacy policy 

The price depends on the number of people using the system.  Please contact us for a quote. 

Proactively is easy to use, so you get results quickly