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What should be reported?

The NPA is asking OMC’s and NPA inspectors to report certain incidents using the Proactively reporting system. The following work related incidents need to be reported:

  1. Accidents when someone is injured
  2. Road traffic incidents
  3. Theft and burglary at a fuel station
  4. Fuel and gas explosion
  5. Spills and environmental pollution

When deciding if an incident is work related, consider:

  • How was the work organised, carried out or supervised?
  • Who owned any machinery, substances or equipment that was involved?
  • What was the condition of the site where the incident happened?

Incidents involving members of the public that take place on an OMC site should be reported.

If none of these factors are relevant to the incident, it is likely that this is not a work-related incident and a report will not be required

1. An accident

An accident is an unintended event that causes physical or emotional injury.

  • Fatality – Incidents resulting in death, where death was immediate or up to 30 days after the incident, must be reported to NPA
  • Major Injury – An injury should be reported when
    • The injury needs treatment by a trained medical person (eg a doctor, in a hospital or by an occupational health nurse within the company.) 
    • The injured person is away from work or is transferred to light duties of more than one day

Injury to employees and members of the public should both be reported.

What is NOT reportable?

  • Minor injuries – Going to a company first aider for basic first aid treatment such as a plaster or eye wash to help remove dust from an eye
  • Examinations and diagnostic tests

Examples include:

  • A member of the public slips in a spillage in a fuel station and is taken to hospital with a broken leg. The injury was caused by the poor condition of the workplace, and the member of the public was a customer so it is work related.
  • 5 people are injured in an accident. 2 go to hospital and are major injuries, 3 receive first aid and are minor injuries. Send 1 injury report to NPA, and include only the 2 major injuries.

2. Road traffic incidents

  • Any incident involving an OMC vehicle or BRV where there is damage
  • Any vehicle or BRV incident at fuel station

Examples incidents include:

  • Collision on a highway, when the fault is the OMC employee
  • Collision on highway when the fault was not the OMC employee
  • Damage due to poor road or environmental conditions
  • Collisions at a fuel/service station

3. Theft or burglary at a fuel station

  • Robbery at fuel stations of money (> 5000 Cedi)
  • Theft of fuel for example driving off without payment
  • Theft from convenience stores (> 5000 Cedi)
  • Violence and aggression. Incidents involving weapons or resulting in physical or emotional injury

4. Spills and Environmental Pollution

  • Gas explosion
  • Fire where premises are evacuated and unable to reuse for 24 hours or more
  • Fuel spillage of more than 100 litres
  • Accidental leakage of gas at a level that you can smell it
  • Sludge dumping into drains or water bodies
Updated on August 30, 2022

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