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Add Users with an invitation

See the list of registered Users

Proactively has 2 types of users:

  • Registered Users set up a password to access the system. They are described here.
  • QR Code users have only restricted access and are described in the Settings tab.

People who have joined the system using a QR code are anonymous, and will not be in this list.

Finding someone who is registered in the system

Open the Admin tab in the Web portal and select Users. This will give you a list of all the people in the system together with their status.

To find someone, you can:

  • Filter in the search bar on the first few letters of their first or second name
  • Filter on the status or permissions


Users have a status

  • Pending – They have been sent an email invitation, but not used it to register on the system
  • Active – They have set a password and are registered on the system
  • Disabled – They have sent reports into they system, and to delete the User would also delete the report. Hence they are disabled. They can not access the system.

Adding a Registered User

Only someone with ‘Owner’ permission can add an additional person into the system.

  1. Click on the invite user button, top right.
  2. Fill in details, including a work email address.
  3. Assign appropriate permissions and team roles.
  4. Click Invite.

This sends an invitation email, allowing this person to register on the system and set a password. The link in the invitation email can only be used once and expires after 14 days.
The registration process encourages people to install the mobile app.Once someone sets up their password and registers, their status changes from pending to active.

Resend an invitation

An email link can only be used once. Hence, it may be necessary to resend an invitation to renew the link.

  1. Open the Admin tab, choose User menu
  2. Use the name filter to find the person you wish to resend to
  3. On the right is the status. In the dropdown menu select ‘resent invitation’
  4. A green popup message will show this has been done.

Removing a Registered User

You may wish to remove someone from the system, for example, if they leave your organisation.

  • If they have not yet sent a report into the system, you can delete them.
  • If they have already sent a report, you can disable them.

Disabled people are not able to access any of the system, but the data they sent remains in place.

  1. Open the Admin tab and select Users
  2. Search to find the person you wish to remove
  3. At the right is the status. This is a drop down menu which lets you change the status
  4. Note the green popup message that confirms the change has been made.
  5. You can re enable Users at a later date.
Updated on October 10, 2021

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