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Which Forms can a Team see?


Teams are groups of users who can be setup with different form selections and notifications. This screen lists all the teams. Teams help:

  • send the right forms to someone’s mobile device.
  • automate information flows from team members to team leaders

Types of teams

There are two built in teams and you can add your own specialist teams:

  • Registered users This is a built in team that by default includes everyone who has a password for the system. The system automatically records their name when they send a report. Members of this team can also be in specialist teams.
  • QR code users This built in team includes everyone connected to the system by QR code. These are anonymous users, so you will not know who sent the report unless they manually enter their name. These people can’t be in specialist teams.
  • Specialist teams You set these up for your organisation, for people with similar characteristics who use the same forms. For example,
    • departments (sales, production…)
    • job roles (testing, first aiders…)
    • location (France, Switzerland, UK…)

Adding a specialist team

  1. Click the + in the Teams list on the left
  2. Give your team a name and short description.
  3. Select the forms that will be shown to members of this team in their mobile device.
  4. Save.
    Registered Users can join one or more specialist teams, but QR code users can not.

Deleting a specialist team

This will remove the forms that are available for this team from being seen on people’s devices. The built in teams, QR Code and Registered Users, can’t be deleted.

  1. Select the specialist team from the list.
  2. Click the delete button.
  3. Confirm deletion. Note this is not reversible.

Adding and removing forms from a mobile device.

  1. Select a team from the list.
  2. Click a form to select, so that it will appear in the mobile device.
  3. Deselect a form, and it will no longer appear in the mobile device.
  4. Refresh the screen in the mobile app using the settings cog, to make changes appear. Tip: Assign forms you want everyone to see to both Registered Users and QR Code teams.

In this example, when someone who is only a member of the ‘Registered users’ team opens their mobile App

  • they will see the Hazard Report and the Job well done forms,
  • but they will NOT see the Defect Report or Incident report forms

Using teams in the Mobile App

  • If you are a member of several teams, the fist screen in the app (with your logo) will ask you to choose the team. Click on a team and it will show you the list of reports for this team and you can now send the reports and notifications to this team’s area. Your report will only be seen by people with permission to view reports for this team.
  • To change team: If you are on the reports list page, click on ‘make report’ button bottom left and this will take you back to the home screen (with your logo) to choose a different team.
  • If you are only a member of one team, you will only see the forms for that team, and not be given the choice to change team.
Updated on October 10, 2021

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