Close a report

When to close a report

Before closing a report check:

  1. all the actions associated with it are closed.
action status closed

2. the solutions are working

In the Reports tab, open the Overview menu and look at the photos to see if the actions are working

Add photos to show actions working

Close the Action

  1. In the reports tab, click to open the correct report
  2. In the Overview menu click Close Report
  3. Choose a close reason and add comments in the Close Description section
  4. Save
Close report and save

The solution is not effective

 It is possible to reopen a closed report

  1. In the reports tab, filter on Properties: report status = closed
  2. Select the correct report
  3. In the Overview tab click Reopen Report
  4. Notice the green message ‘Updated successfully’ that appears for a few seconds to show that the change has been saved.
  5. The report status has now changed to Open (or overdue)
Reopen report if actions not effective

Updated on October 9, 2021

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