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Track progress in the History tab

Why is it important ?

The history tab shows everything that has happened with a report, together with a time and date and who has carried out the action.  This includes: creating the report, sending messages, adding notes, adding actions, closing actions, closing the report.

This will help you

  • Know the status at any time, and so know what needs to be chased.
  • Have evidence to show what has been done in an audit
  • Provide evidence for an investigation, for example an incident investigation

Where is the History tab?

In the reports tab, choose a report and click to open.  On the left is a list of options including History.

Is it possible to change what is in the history tab?

No.  You can trust that the history tab shows what has happened.

If you edit a report, the change will show in the history tab

Updated on November 11, 2021

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