3 steps to get started with the Mobile App

What is Proactively, and what can it do for me?

Proactively lets you send information using a Mobile App instead of paper forms. It can save you time.  It works where-ever you are, even if there is no mobile network.  

The information you send can only be read by people in your company and NPA inspectors who have the right permission.   

NPA may wish to visit your site to find more information.   They are looking for the cause of the incident, to take action to stop something similar happening again. 

Lessons learnt by NPA will be shared anonymously.

Find out more about Proactively     

1. Register with a password

 1. Set up your Proactively account

Use the invitation email to set up a secure password.  Use it to log into the Web Portal which is where you can read and manage information.

2. Get the mobile App 

Install the Proactively mobile App from Google Play or the App Store and log into it with your password.  Use the mobile app to send information into the system. 

2. Send a report


1. The welcome message has clickable links to contact people quickly in an emergency

2. Choose your team – If you are in more than one team, click the one that  you are sending this report to.  If you are only in one team, you will not be asked. 

3. Choose the form.  Scroll down to see all the forms and click one to open.

4. Fill in the form.  You can add photos, sign with your finger,  and add all sorts of information.  

  • The info button helps you answer a question correctly
  • Required questions have an asterix (star) and you can’t send the form until this is answered. 

5. If you run out of time, press the ‘Save draft’ button.  Your form is now saved under the Drafts button on the App front page.  You can finish it later. 

6. Send – pressing this button sends the report from your phone and into the web portal.  Only people with the right permissions can read it.  Actions are assigned and tracked to completion. 

Note: Once sent, you can not read your report in the mobile app.  To read it, or make changes, go to the web portal.  

Click these links to find out more:

Open the App and choose a Form 

Fill in the form and send it

Save unfinished reports

Have a go

1. Install the Proactively App on your smart phone or tablet

2. Look at the different forms that you can use.  Open one and read the questions.  Note that you can use photos and signatures.  The Info button helps you answer questions correctly

3. Press ‘cancel’ to delete the report and return to the front page.