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Saving unfinished reports

Who can save reports?

People logged into the system with a password will see a ‘save’ button and can save unfinished reports as drafts. This is very useful for longer inspections.

People using QR codes are not able to save reports on their mobile device as a data security feature.

How to save a report

Some reports are long. For example an audit may take half a day or more. Saving data frequently makes sure that it is not lost.

  1. In this audit, the electrical inspection is not yet finished, there is still lots to see. Press the Save button.
  2. A message shows you will find the saved report in your Drafts tab

3. Going back to the App front page, you can now see that the Drafts file has one report

4. Click on Drafts button, and this will open a list of all the Draft reports where our Detailed safety audit is stored.

5. Click the report to open it, and continue to work

6. You can save and rework a report many times. When it is finished, press Send.

Delete a draft report

If you no longer need a draft report, find it in the list of draft reports. Swipe right to reveal a delete button

Once a draft report has been deleted, it can not be recovered.

Updated on November 11, 2021

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